Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Preorder: M2

M2-1, Little umbrella flair babydoll top RM57
Length 69cm, chest 44cm, waist 43cm

M2-2, button round neck japanese style blouse RM50
length 66cm, chest 47cm, shoulder 37cm, waist 55cm

M2-3, Ethnic print skirt RM50
colours: blue, red
length 39cm, waist 31-40cm

M2-4, Ethnic print waist tie shorts RM38
length 37cm, waist 28cm-45cm, rise 35cm, thigh 34cm
colours: black, almond, blue

M2-5, Lace with cotton button shirt RM62
colours: dark blue, white
S: length 72cm, shoulder 38cm, chest 45cm, waist 40cm
M: length 73cm, shoulder 40cm, chest 49cm, waist 50cm

M2-6, Super long cardigan RM49
colours: grey, white, black
length 102cm, shoulder 32cm, chest 36-45cm

M2-7, Eyelet lace on back collared shirt RM60
colours: white, green, yellow, orange
length 72cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 49cm, waist 50cm

M2-8, Back curtain-like cotton cardigan RM48
features: back is like a curtain opening with gauze-lace
colours: black, white, pink, grey
length 71cm, shoulder 38cm, chest 39-48cm, sleeve 57cm

M2-9, bottom laced chiffon blouse RM63
colours: Pink , purple, dark blue
s: length 66cm, chest 48cm, waist 58cm
m: length 68cm, chest 51cm, waist 60cm

M2-10, Pleat sleeves chiffon blouse RM60
colours: almond, pink, mustard
s: length 58cm, chest 46cm, waist 50cm
M: length 60cm, chest 50cm, waist 51cm

M2-11, Lace side arm chiffon blouse RM57
colours: almond, pink, yellow
length 60cm, chest 62cm, waist 59cm, sleeve 42cm

M2-12, lace chiffon flair blouse RM60
colours: almond, black
length 67cm shoulder 38cm, chest 60-65cm,

M2-13, classic printed chiffon blouse RM55
colours: pink, almond
S: length 58cm, shoulder 35cm, chest 46cm,
M: length 60cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 49cm

M2-14, Lace front chiffon blouse RM59
colours: almond, blue, yellow
S: lenth 70cm, shoulder 35cm, chest 48cm
M: length 73cm, shoulder 36cm, chest 51cm

M2-15, Floral collar chiffon shirt RM59
colours: black, white
length 60cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 46cm

M2-16, Floral jeggings RM63
colours: pink, almond, green
S: waist 30-35cm, rise 21-22cm, length 95cm, thigh 21.5-23.5cm
M: waist 33-38cm, rise 21-22cm, length 95cm, thigh 22.5-24.5cm

M2-17, geometry black white pants RM63
M: length 92cm, waist 32-42cm, rise 25-26cm, thigh 21-27cm
L: length 92cm, waist 34-44cm, rise 25-26cm, thigh 22-28cm

M2-18, Elmo Tee RM42
colours: white, grey
length 62cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 45-60cm

M2-19, Crochet skirt RM58
length 65cm, waist 29-46cm,