Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Preorders Only: M1

M1-1, Chiffon one piece black white RM55
Material: chiffon
 Length 75cm, chest 51cm, waist 61cm, sleeve 57cm

M1-2, Zebra button shirt RM54
Material: cotton shirt
Features: Sheer, please use inner slip
Length 67cm, shoulder 39cm, chest 47cm, waist 45cm, sleeve 50cm

 M1-3, Crochet floral shorts RM50
Colours: pink, black, beige.
Features: No pockets
Length 32cm, waist 32-46cm, front rise 28cm, back rise 30cm, thigh width 35cm,

M1-4, White umbrella flair top RM57
material: cotton.
Features: Cut out design on sleeves, balloon-like sleeves.
Length 63cm, chest 69cm, waist 75cm, sleeve 31cm

M1-5, Long sleeve shirt RM53
colours: blue, pink, purple, orange
Material: cotton, chiffon
Features: with back zipper
2 sizes: S and M
S: Length 62cm, shoulder 35cm, chest 40-50cm, waist 36cm, sleeve 60cm
M: length 63cm, shoulder 36cm, chest 44-52cm, waist 38cm, sleeve 61cm

M1-6, Long cardigan RM51
colours: based on last pic's sequence : orange, lilac, yellow, apple green, just green, blue
material: knit cotton
Features: with pockets
length 77cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 36-45cm, sleeve 75cm

M1-7, bohemian printed V neck blouse RM57
colours: blue, pink. Material: cotton
length 61cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 54cm, waist 58cm, sleeve 36cm

M1-8, umbrella flair balloon sleeve dress RM57
Material: lace and cotton.
length 76cm, chest 52cm, waist 60cm,

M1-9, Lace denim button shirt RM66
S: length 68cm, shoulder 38cm, chest 46cm, waist 45cm
M: length 69cm, shoulder 40cm, chest 50cm, waist 47cm

M1-10, Lace dress RM69
Features: sheer with inner lining
length 77cm, chest 44cm, waist 43cm,

M1-11, Chiffon vintage-feel blouse RM57
length 60cm, chest 45cm, waist 46cm

M1-12, White cotton eyelet button shirt RM54
length 64cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 45cm, waist 43cm

M1-13, Printed pants/jeggings RM51
white floral, blue floral ,, black floral
black white wide stripe, light blue thin stripe, dark blue thin stripe, black white thin stripe
S: length 96cm, waist 30-40cm,  front rise 23-23.5cm, thigh width 20.5-22cm,
M: length 96cm, waist 33-43cm, front rise 23-23.5cm, thight width 21.5cm-23cm

M1-14, Flair style chiffon collared blouse RM53
colours: black, white
features: sheer, please use inner slip
length 58cm, shoulder 34cm, chest 64cm,

M1-15, Crochet top RM60
legnth 64cm, shoulder 37cm, chest 45-53cm, waist 46cm

M1-16, white lace dress, RM63
length 72cm, chest 46ccm, waist 45cm

M1-17, white lace blouse RM69
length 63cm, shoulder 39cm, chest 49cm,

M1-18, dress with lace attached RM62
colours: beige, black. Back zipper
length 81cm, chest 41-46cm, waist 38cm

M1-19, Chequered shirt RM53
colours: red, green , yellow